The interrelationship between the viscera, spinal health and the brain - PART 1

With Philippe Druelle D.O.

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Visceral health to mental and emotional balance

For the first time in the history of osteopathy, Philippe Druelle DO has developed direct and indirect methods for assessing and treating the brain specifically and globally, with the series of courses on endocranial spasms at the physical level, with the after-effects of concussions, emotional after stress tests or life events that have injured patients, transgenerational, and the importance of imprints on brain functions, adaptation problems due to prohibitions, all the civilisational structures that block the normal patterns and circuits of cerebral functional dynamics.

Today, we will present the Importance of the physical health of the viscera, which influences the mind, emotions, neural circuits, spinal postural patterns, brain functions and our behaviours.

This course is open to all graduates, postgraduates and fifth-year students. 

For those who have taken the course on brain dynamics, this course is invaluable for understanding the interrelationships between the viscera and the brain and, thus, for treating our patients more effectively.


Many patients suffer from stress and cognitive, learning, attention and behavioural disorders, mental dysfunction, anxiety, obsessive and depressive behaviour, etc... We can offer our patients effective solutions.

The viscera's health affects the brain's functioning on 3 levels, which will be carefully described. We will also describe the physical, biochemical, energetic, biodynamic and bioenergetic levels of these brain viscera influences that affect our psyche or predispose us to states of emotional sensitivity. Examples of clinical cases. 

We will present the results of the first osteopaths, mainly at the Still Hildreth sanatorium. For the first time, we can see the first very positive statistical results of osteopathic treatments carried out in 1912 and 1919, showing the effectiveness of osteopathic treatments for patients suffering from psychological disorders. Today, we have more tools to help our patients, which we will see during this seminar.

Course of the seminar:

- Presentation of all the links between the health of the viscera and the brain. The importance of the vagus nerve according to the latest scientific research. 

- The notion of balance between the internal and external environment. 

- This mainly concerns the ability to harmonise our physiology, fight inflammation, and stimulate the immune system and organ functions. 

- A parallel between this scientific research and the chakras, as taught by Dr Chastridgi, former rector of the Sanskrit department at Benares University. The modern vision of these visceral-psychological relationships and the discoveries in Osteopathy to relieve patients.

- The health of the spine and the world of emotions, stress and instability with visceral functions. We will explain how the spine can be affected by stress and emotions, how to assess this influence and how to treat them effectively. Influences on the spinal cord and vertebral architecture

- Practice on the heart and its relationship with all the organs, the intestines, the uterus, the transverse colon and depression, the lungs and self-expression, the thyroid, the kidneys and bladder, the pancreas, the spleen and the liver. The notion of the central fulcrum, the heart by Andrew T Still. 

- Treatment of the elements of the central chain and their psychological and emotional correspondences

- The brain stem and posterior fossa, the vagus nerve with the health of the brain, organs and spinal cord (the 12 anastomoses of the vagus nerve in the brain).  

- The work of the ventricles and stimulation of the vagus nerve

- Vascular dynamics and psychological balance. A practical guide.

- Beyond psychology, the wounds of the soul and their consequences for the whole organism. 

In this seminar, we will focus on treatments for the organ matrix, the biodynamics of fluids and liquids and the vitality of the metabolism, as well as the importance of fields for harmonising frequencies and the transmission of vital information, and on the brain for stimulating cerebro-visceral functions and responses, as well as several methods for harmonising the viscera and the brain. 

Indications and contraindications. 

Advice and clinical methodology. Prognosis according to the different organs. 

Examples of therapeutic protocols for people with serious illnesses, children following abuse, people who are depressed and wounded by life, etc...


The brain and the organs are constantly talking to each other. In the event of dysfunctions, the disorders lead to a lack of coordination and effective responses and encourage the crystallisation of lesions and mental and emotional patterns.

The patient sinks into an almost permanent state that predisposes him or her to depression. Some indications of hidden depression and visceral disorders. 

This seminar offers many practical solutions and will enable patients to regain balance and visceral and psychological health. It is an excellent complement to the courses on endocranial spasms.

Philippe Druelle DO has carried out extensive research into the influence of endocranial osteopathy on brain health over 15 years at the Shévénov Institute in Saint Petersburg in cooperation with Professors Yuri Moskalenko DSc and Alexander Chépolvanilov DSc and the health of target organs.

On the other hand, this seminar will look at the influences of the health of the viscera or target organs on the brain and psyche. It is an invaluable course not to be missed. 

This programme will be in two parts.


Philippe Druelle DO is an internationally renowned osteopath with 42 years of experience who has set up 9 campuses worldwide. He was the co-author of 2 university degree programmes in osteopathy. He has carried out many research projects, notably at the Shévénov Institute, which have been published in the Russian Academy of Sciences, demonstrating the influence of the human hand and osteopathic methods on the dynamics and vascularisation of the brain. As a teacher, he has written 26 handouts covering all osteopathic subjects.

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Tuesday June 18, 2024
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