Who is SICO

The Swiss International College of Osteopathy was founded in 2002
as the seventh osteopathic school of the Canadian College d'Etudes Ostéopathiques CEO
by Philippe Druelle and Sandra Bartu. Osteopaths have been trained in Montreal since 1981.
The aim of SICO is to train students according to the tradition of the founders of osteopathy.

The heritage of osteopaths are 
Dr. Andrew Taylor Still D.O.,
Dr.William Garner Sutherland D.O.,
 Dr. Harold Magoun D.O.,
 Dr. John Martin Littlejohn D.O.,
 Dr. Viola Frymann D.O., etc.

The Philosophy of the College is to assamble and preserve the heritage of Osteopathy, 
to give a complete training to health care professionals based on practice and "know-how".

The advantages offered to our students:

Clinical days with the possibility to gain "hands on" experience with patients;

Review days, aimed at improving integration of theory and practice between courses (optional, but very appreciated by those who attend);

Reference library, the SICO has a reference library with many books and documents of osteopathy and related fields in English, German and French;

Secretarial staff ready to answer your questions and needs;

Possibility to attend, at no extra cost, regular courses given in another affiliated

Basic Education on Osteopathy

Possibility to attend a previously taken regular course module, without charge during you official study period.

Repeat Post-graduate Seminar

if you wish to attend a post-graduate seminar for a second time, you benefit from a 50% discount off the regular price;

Each student receives an online login to download course materials for the respective modules. Interaction with instructors or school administration is also possible.

Affordable housing provided close to the institution where the course is given.

In Bad Zurzach there are two accomodation offerings with discounted prices:

- Guesthouse Zurzach; www.guesthousezurzach.ch

- Zurzacherhof (Hotel); www.zurzacherhof.ch

Other options like the Camping Bad Zurzach www.campingbadzurzach.ch and more are available due to your search.


Philippe Druelle D.O.

President CEO, SICO, DOK

CEO Collège D’Etudes Ostéopathiques
SICO Swiss International College of Osteopathy
DOK Deutsches Osteopathie Kolleg

Sibylle Graf

Sibylle Graf D.O.

Principal SICO

Melanie Uzunova

Student advisor 
External Clinic 
Postgraduate Courses

Isabel Obrist MSc


Vision and Mission


Osteopathy is as well a science as also an art. 

Therefore, there is a lot of rational knowledge to pass on, as well as skills beyond words, that the brain can barely grasp, but the heart of the artist can. 

Our wish, is not only to teach you osteopathy, but to initiate you to osteopathy.

At SICO, you’ll be fed with scientific knowledge, biomechanics and many other concepts, but what shall nourish your future work as an osteopath, is the profound experience to be a witness at the edge between the physical expression of life and its source. We would be happy to welcome you on that journey with us and to share our passion with you. 


An osteopath is a being, that is available for the universal forces of life, so that they can find their full expression in the patients. And a being that is available for patients, to help them getting back into a more intimate contact with their own nature. Health should happen naturally, as the most obvious consequence of a well working mechanism. 

If your vision is to become an osteopath, our mission is conduct and guide you through this process and to promote the knowledge and experience needed. Our mission is to serve life by serving you on your path. 

Partner Institutions

CEO - Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques

Founded in 1981  by Philippe Druelle D.O. 

A strong partnership in developing and delivering a cohesive osteopathic education, featuring instructors with extensive expertise in osteopathy.

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AIMO - Accademia Italiana Medicina Osteopatica

Accreditation of the education and training to a university diploma (BSc./MSc. Hons.). The instructors impart the latest scientific knowledge required to attain the university diploma.

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Rehastudy Education Center

Rehastudy is our partner where our course modules are conducted. The facilities are located in Bad Zurzach, next to the thermal baths. Reha Study in Bad Zurzach provides spacious surroundings, cutting-edge technology, comprehensive equipment, and an attractive meeting zone.

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ICSB - International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing

Our partner for the further training in biodynamic Craniosacral-Therapy and to reach the complementary therapy profession in Switzerland.

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